“Your class took the basics I knew about metaphysics and raised it to a completely new level.  You inspire me with your commitment to educating and investigating all of these facets of Exoconsciousness"

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Dr. Rebecca hardcastle Wright 

provides expert education, training, consultation and coaching services. For over 30 years, she has worked professionally in the fields of consciousness science, metaphysics, and counseling. Her circle of colleagues includes scientists, astronauts, ufologists, and healers. 

Rebecca provides education and training to take your knowledge and experience of Exoconsciousness to the next level. 

Living an Exoconscious Life is about the healthy integration of ET abilities and experiences into your personal, professional and family life. 

Join Rebecca for a monthly Global Exoconscious Gathering.  A FREE teleconference for ET Experiences to share and learn. 

Have you had ET contact? Seen a UFO? Or do you have the vague feeling you may be an ET experiencer? Here is a questionnaire to use as a guide. 

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Rebecca hardcastle Wright, PhD 

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