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Rebecca hardcastle Wright, PhD 

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Rebecca's Hypnotherapy Story

Life events led me to discover the power of hypnosis.  As a young mother, shortly after the birth of my second child, I suffered the death of my beloved step-son.  While our famly grieved our loss, my husband experienced a major career transition and his father died.  It was too much.  I just could not calm down.

In an attempt to manage my grief, stress and anxiety, I explored several alternative therapies but found no peace.

Then one day a colleague handed me a book on self-hypnosis.  At the time I was working as an inter-faith Protestant chaplain at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.  My colleague was a Roman Catholic priest who was studying hypnosis as part of his master's program in counseling.

Slowly I began to learn about the ancient healing art of hypnotherapy.  Overtime I became a dedicated disciple of self-hypnosis.  Gradually I found and strengthened my still-point of wisdom, peace and harmony.  I found comfort and solace.

Today, through numerous major life transitions, I continue to practice hypnosis and continue to be amazed by the power of the mind and spirit to promote health, happiness and personal growth.

I am certified as a hypnotherapist and life coach.  My doctorate is in Parapsychic Science and I have a Master of Divinity in Philosophical Theology.  I am ordained in the United Methodist Church.  Committed to deepening my spirituality, I practice Tibetan and Kundalini Yoga, Reiki healing and meditation.

Hypnotherapy and my experience with the power of the mind pulled me into a life-long study of consciousness. Today I am privileged to work with many scientists and reseachers around the world. 

If you feel drawn to hypnotherapy, as I was, then I look forward to sharing with you the journey of knowing yourself and tapping into your power and peace.

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