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Rebecca hardcastle Wright, PhD 

Author Futurist Coach



Rebecca's Exoconscious Story

Exoconscious Coaching grew out of my journey through personal ET and anomalous experiences.  

Since early childhood I have been a continuous ET experiencer.  I call them ETI for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  I have known many ET races and beings.  Being Exoconscious is my reality.  A reality I respect and enjoy.

Through my ETI experience I have learned to appreciate and use multiple dimensions of my consciousness, my mind.  At first this was confusing and I was not ready to use all of my gifts.

There were many barriers I needed to cross--traumas, culture, religion, science, family.  But cross them I did.  Now, looking back, I realize that every barrier was really about me.  Choices I made about myself and the life I wanted to live.

I chose to heal my traumas.  I chose to let go of my fears as well as the fears of other people. Even those closest to me.  I chose to be ETI and allow my Exoconsciousness to awaken and flow.

I describe my life as "living in the non-local with your feet on the ground" because today I live a very normal Earth life.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother and I have a professional career as a hypnotherapist, coach, teacher, researcher and writer.  I am an activist for peace, justice and disclosure of the ET Presence. And simultaneously, I also live in the non-local beyond my body and brain in multiple dimensions of consciousness. 

I believe in the power of human consciousness to make contact with and live in harmony with the ET Presence.  This belief creates a new reality. This is our new worldview that we are just beginning to explore and define. Many of us are participating in this adventure. 

My Exoconscious Coaching work has brought me great knowledge, fulfillment and happiness.  It has given me the precious opportunity to know, support and love other experiencers.  It has opened doors to work with an international group of scientists and researchers who are pioneering the field of consciousness.  Please read my bio on the About page of this website.  It will give you more information.  

I believe that ET Experiencers--however your experience happened--are possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE in the emerging  field of consciousness studies. We live in the multi-dimensional reality that science is trying to weigh, measure, predict and define.  We are the way showers.  The pathfinders. The pioneers.

If I can be of any assistance to you with Exoconscious Coaching on your life journey, please let me know.  Please click HERE to schedule an appointment.