Welcome to the Institute for Exoconsciousness

Rebecca hardcastle Wright, PhD 

Author Futurist Coach



​​How to Become an Exoconscious Human

Humans have an innate ability to connect and communicate with Extraterrestrials.

My work explores how we become an Exoconscious Human who effectively integrates and uses their innate ability to connect and communicate with ET. While connecting with ET involves many forms from CE5 star gatherings, UFO and orb experiences, and direct ET visitation—the Exoconscious Human begins with an internal awareness and awakening. It’s about the Human first, the ET second.

When we identify as Exoconscious Humans—the ET connects and communicates.

Topic we explore in our presentations and writing include:

  • Why become an Exoconscious Human?
  • What is the role of consciousness?
  • How do we form an Exoconscious ET Identity?
  • Is our unique personality involved?
  • How do we create an Exoconscious Body and why it is important?
  • What psychic abilities define us as Exoconscious Humans?
  • How can you be involved in the Institute for Exoconsciousness?