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Rebecca hardcastle Wright, PhD 

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​Your relationship with who you are is the most important one.

Sometimes that relationship includes otherworldly experiences and knowledge you cannot ignore. And yet, you are unable to make sense of, much less integrate these experiences into your daily life.

Some of your unusual experiences and knowledge might come from ET visitation, UFO sightings, psychic experiences and anomalous happenings.  They might also come from art, books and films with UFO, ET and psychic themes.

As you awaken to the impact of these anomalous experiences you may ask--Why Me?

If this person is you, then you are a client for Exoconscious Coaching.

How is Exoconscious Coaching different from mainstream coaching?

Exoconscious Coaching provides

  • A safe, affirming and protected place for you to learn more about yourself in relationship to often puzzling, incongruent, or scary experiences and knowing
  • The most current scientific research regarding your consciousness and its multidimensional abilities
  • ​Step by step holistic integration of your body, mind and spirit
  • Tools to help you manage your experiences and integrate them into your personality and spirit
  • Tools to open and use your psychic intelligence and abilities
  • Transformation of your fear and trauma into love, peace and strength.

If you are ready to know yourself on a deeper and more powerful level, then Exoconscious Coaching is for you.  

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Exoconscious Coaching

Developing Your Extraterrestrial Abilities