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Rebecca hardcastle Wright, PhD 

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Exopolitics, New Energy and Exo-Consciousness are the three pillars of the Universal era humanity is entering.

Rebecca Hardcastle's book, Exoconsciousness, provides a vocabulary for consciousness in this era.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD

Politics, Government and Law in the Universe 

Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle takes the next fascinating step towards addressing the intelligences behind unexplained phenomenon and beyond.  While incorporating her own intimate journey of discovery, she assists and nurtures the reader to eperience theirs. "It is the light and so much more."

Lynne D. Kitei, MD, Author and Producer, The Phoenix Lights...We are Not Alone

For the longest time, Rebecca Hardcastle has been doing pioneer work in consciousness research, integrating spirituality and quantum physics. She speaks of humanity in the new millennia and how the human mind will awaken to be "alive as an energetic being, awakened through spiritual arts." It is a must read for all those wishing to transcend our human limitations and enter the Cosmic Age.

Paola Harris, Author and UFO Researcher

Exopolitics: How does One Speak to a Ball of Light?

Few writers have made the leap that consciousness is a phenomenon from and of space beyond earth.  Exoconsciousness transcends the homocentric confinement, which limits the usual discussion of conscious phenomenon.  Dr. Hardcastle takes us on a ride to a far place of human evolution, and from that vantage point shows us where--and who--we really are.  Larry Lowe, journalist

Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle makes a compelling case that studying the connection between human consciousness and life in other worlds and dimensions is the key to unlocking undreamed of potentials.  Indeed, humanity's hidden genetic relationship with extraterrestrials and multi-dimensional life makes possible a remarkable journey of cosmic and self-discovery.  It is this startling insight that makes Exoconsciousness a must read.

Michael Salla, PhD, Founder, The Exopolitics Institute

Exoconsciousness is an intriguing read on the frontiers of what is known, suspected and theorized in the modern period of trying to better understand the cosmos that we jointly inhabit with all other living forms.

Edgar Mitchell, PhD, Apollo 14 Astronaut 

Rebecca Hardcastle's fascinating book explores not only our quantum 'entanglement' within an incredibly complex "multiverse"--increasingly a subject of study by some of the world's leading physicists--but she also studies our relationship to the beings that appear to inhabit these other dimensions of reality.  Combining contemporary scientific research with profound personal insights, she offers a glimpse into the working of human consciousness on its journey toward a fully realized "exoconsciousness".  She has written a challenging and inspiring book.

Richard Dolan, Author, UFOs and the National Security State

Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind

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